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The Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) In Oman plays a crucial role as the governing body, ensuring the highest standards in healthcare. OMSB oversees the management and licensing of both local and international professionals in the medical field.

To practice medicine in Oman, professionals must acquire a license and undergo the OMSB examination, facilitated either orally or online by Prometric. Passing this exam is a prerequisite for obtaining a license and practicing within the country.

Whether you’re a doctor or a healthcare technician, obtaining an OMSB license is mandatory for working in Oman’s healthcare sector. Our track record includes successfully assisting numerous healthcare providers in navigating the OMSB process, and we’re here to extend our support to you as well.

For further details on licensing and guidelines, continue reading. Your journey to a fulfilling medical career in Oman starts here.

Requirements for OMSB License

Getting licensed for the Oman Prometric exam (OMSB) varies based on your field. You must pass the Prometric exam in your specialization to get your license. However, first, ensure you have these documents ready:

  • A professional certificate from an accredited institution.
  • Academic transcripts copies.
  • Course certificate (Professional Certificate from a recognized authority).
  • Work experience certificate from your current or past job.
  • Good Standing Certificate valid for at least 6 months.
  • Log files (only for consultant surgeons).
  • Passport-size photograph with a white background.
  • Passport copies (front and back).

Get Oman OMSB Licensing for Medical Professionals.

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Oman OMSB Licensing Services Package

Prometric Solutions OMSB license providers offer various consulting services related to OMSB licensing. Our core services in Dubai include

Credential approval

Health professionals seeking credentialing undergo a thorough evaluation based on the OMSB's Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR). This comprehensive document outlines education, training, and work experience standards tailored to specific health professional categories.

Primary Source Verification through Dataflow

Our Primary Source Verification process ensures the authenticity of credentials, including education, experience, and licensure. We verify these details directly from the source, typically the country where they were obtained, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

OMSB Prometric Exam Registration

Explore the various examination categories administered by OMSB, including license requirements for radiographers and other health professionals.

OMSB Prometric Exam Preparation

Prometric Solutions provides various exam preparation materials, including extensive coursework and mock exams. Equip yourself with the tools needed to excel in your OMSB license exam through thorough preparation.

Job Search Assistance

For healthcare professionals seeking job opportunities in Oman, our services extend to assisting with job searches. If you're relocating to Oman for the first time and need guidance on finding healthcare-related positions, our recruitment specialists are here to help.

We Guarantee a 100% Success Rate for All Our Applicants

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Frequently Asked Question

Discover the answers to common questions from clients.

What Is An OMSB License?

The OMSB License is a legal work permit that allows medical professionals worldwide to work in Oman.

What Is the OMSB Prometric Exam?

This is the test medical professionals take to obtain the OMSB license in Oman, provided they pass the exam.

How Can I Obtain the OMSB Medical License in Oman?

To get the OMSB license, take the OMSB Prometric exam, achieve the minimum pass mark, and verify your documents. Plan your exam with Prometric Solutions, as we offer evaluation tests and study materials. We will send you reminders via email and your WordPress dashboard.

How Many Questions Are in the OMSB Prometric Exam?

The OMSB Prometric exam consists of 60 questions, accounting for 40% of the total exam percentage. You’ll receive reminders from us via email and your WordPress dashboard.

How Do I Write the OMSB Prometric Exam?

First, prepare your documents, including a passport-sized photo and eligibility ID. Then, apply for PSV, schedule your OMSB exam, take the test, and await the results.

How Long Does It Take to Do the OMSB Prometric Exam?

Once you start the session, you have around 24 hours to complete the exam.

How Should I Apply for Dataflow in Oman?

Provide documents like a valid passport copy, academic certificate copies, an experience certificate, school transcripts, a registration license, and an updated resume for your dataflow application.

What is the Passing Score for the OMSB Oman Prometric Exam?

A minimum of 70% is required to obtain the OMSB license in Oman.

How Can I Prepare for My OMSB Prometric Exam?

Review your coursework, focusing on key concepts. Prepare early, and on the exam day, have a decent meal, take a mental break, and be ready for the test.

How Can I Review My Prometric OMSB Status?

Check your OMSB status on the site’s list or request an update from Prometric Solutions. You will get an email notification.

Why Choose Prometric Solutions for Your OMSB License?

Ever wonder why healthcare professionals like you succeed with Prometric Solutions? Here’s why:

Professional Expertise

At Prometric Solutions, we specialize in providing OMSB Oman License assistance in Oman and Gulf countries. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the field set us apart.

Broad Partners Network

We’ve built robust partnerships with various healthcare stakeholders throughout the years, enhancing your prospects, especially during job searches.

100% Success Rate

Rest easy knowing our OMSB registration and exam application process ensures success without hassle.

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