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SCFHS License – Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Licensing Assistance in Saudi Arabia
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Prometric Solutions assists healthcare providers aiming to practice in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf to get their SCFHS license. Are you a medical professional planning to work and live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? You must have a certificate of professional registration and classification from SCFHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties).

To sign up with SCFHS, you must meet specific conditions and requirements, including taking the Saudi Medical License Exam to obtain the SCFHS license.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become an appealing destination for living and working, thanks to its Vision 2030 project. At Prometric Solutions, we’ve witnessed many healthcare professionals applying for the SCFHS.

Our process for obtaining the SCFHS is simple and direct. You can trust us to secure your medical license when you choose us for your licensing application.

The experts at Prometric Solutions bring years of experience and knowledge to assist medical professionals in obtaining their practice licenses efficiently. Moving to a foreign country can be challenging, so let us ease the stress of dealing with your SCFHS medical license, allowing you to focus on other activities.

Requirements for SCFHS License

To work as a healthcare professional in Saudi Arabia, you must fulfill specific criteria for obtaining the SCFHS license. These are the requirements to begin the process:

  • Copies of your academic credentials.
  • Mark sheets and transcripts to verify your academic performance.
  • An attested employment certificate from your previous or current employer.
  • A completed SCFHC application form, which you can obtain from your employer.
  • A copy of your Iqama.
  • An updated resume.
  • Copies of your passport photos with a white background.
  • Copies of the front and back pages of your passport.
  • Application fees.

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The SCFHS / SMLE Licensing Services Package

Prometric Solutions SCFHS / SMLE license providers offer various consulting services related to SCFHS licensing. Our core services in Saudi Arabia include:

Transfer License Application

If you need to transfer your license to SCFHS, our process is quick and seamless, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

New License Application

If you plan to work in Saudi Arabia as a medical expert for the first time, we can assist you with your SCFHS license application.

SCFHS License Activation

Has your license expired? Prometric Solutions can help you regain your status by activating your license promptly.

Title Change Assistance

Do you have an SCFHS license and want to change your title? Count on us to guide you seamlessly through the process and obtain the desired title.

Primary Source Verification for Dataflow

The Dataflow verification is a crucial step in the SCFHS license process. While this verification can be complex, we simplify it for our clients, ensuring a smooth procedure.

SCFHS Exam Registration and Preparation

Starting your exam registration process can be overwhelming. At Prometric Solutions, we register for exams and provide preparation materials for healthcare professionals.

Job Search Assistance

Do you need help finding the right job in Saudi Arabia? Consult with us for assistance in securing your dream job in the healthcare sector.

Frequently Asked Question

Discover the answers to common questions from clients.

What is an SCFHS License?

The SCFHS license is an official permit that enables healthcare professionals to live and work in Saudi Arabia.

What Is the SCFHS Exam?

The SCFHS Exam is a computer-based test that healthcare professionals must take to acquire the SCFHS license for practicing in Saudi Arabia. The exam covers specific healthcare categories not covered by computer-based examination technology.

How Can I Obtain an SCFHS Certificate?

The process is straightforward. Visit the official SCFHS website’s services, register your details, and request your certificate of good standing by providing your registration number from your Saudi License.

How Can I Pay for the SCFHS Exam?

Various payment options are available. For a smoother process, healthcare consultants like Prometric Solutions can assist in paying for the exam on your behalf. Note that SADAD payment is a one-time requirement.

How Can I Apply for the SCFHS Exam?

Apply for the exam through Prometric Solutions. Once your profile is registered, We will handle the application for your eligibility number.

How Does SCFHS Classify Practitioners?

Healthcare experts are classified based on their experience and academic qualifications submitted to the authority.

What Are the Different Types of SCFHS Exams?

There are two types of SCFHS exams: the computer-based exam (CBT) by Prometric and interviews or evaluations conducted by a designated council in the medical specialist’s country of residence.

Can I Apply for the SCFHS Exam Outside of Saudi Arabia?

Yes, you can apply through the unified portal for healthcare professionals or commission Prometric Solutions to apply on your behalf.

How Often Can I Take the SCFHS Exam in Saudi Arabia?

You can attempt the SCFHS test up to three times. If you fail the first two attempts, you can apply for reactivation of your eligibility number to sit for the third and final attempt.

How Many Questions are in the SCFHS Test Paper?

The SCFHS exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions for approximately 90 minutes.

Is the Saudi Prometric Exam (SCFHS) Difficult?

While some discussions suggest it’s easier than other medical licensing exams, thoroughly preparing is essential. Consider using prometric preparation exams by Prometric Solutions to understand question formats and answers.

Why Choose Prometric Solutions for Your SCFH License?

Ever wonder why healthcare professionals like you succeed with Prometric Solutions? Here’s why:

Professional Expertise

At Prometric Solutions, we specialize in providing SCFH License assistance in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the field set us apart.

Broad Partners Network

We’ve built robust partnerships with various healthcare stakeholders throughout the years, enhancing your prospects, especially during job searches.

100% Success Rate

Rest easy knowing our SCFHS registration and exam application process ensures success without hassle.

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